Imaging Intelligence Immediately

Imaging Intelligence Immediately
Imaging Intelligence Immediately

The Imaging Solution For Every Hospital and Emergency Room

Introducing Caire Head CT

Ready to Care with A.I.

  • ICH Diagnostics

    Immediately Detect or Rule Out an ICH

  • Subclassifications

    Accurately Separate EDH, SDH, SAH, IVH, and IPH

  • ICH Segmentation

    Easily Localize an ICH and Quantify Volume

  • Midline Shift Analysis

    Precisely Identify Degree of Midline Shift

  • Calvarial Fracture

    Instantly Detect or Rule Out Calvarial Fracture Findings

  • Ventricle Segmentation

    Automatically Quantify Ventricle Volume

  • Hydrocephalus

    Rapidly Detect or Rule Out Hydrocephalus

The First & Only AI To:


Instantly identify or rule out emergent pathologies on acquired scans.

AI+ER = Radiologist

Improve ER physician diagnostic accuracy and streamline ER operations.

Discharge Rapidly

Discharge patients without findings who clog up ERs and improve throughput.

Automate Rote Tasks

Reduce workloads by automatically performing tasks like calculating ventricle volume.

AI+Rad = Superhuman

Reduce malpractice exposure by improving radiologist diagnostic accuracy.

Treat Immediately

Treat emergencies immediately to better patient outcomes and save lives.

Revolutionizing the way your hospital works!

Best In Class

Performance Without Parallel

  • Shown to significantly improve ER Physician and Radiologist accuracy and sensitivity in diagnosing ICH by 5%+ (p < 0.05)
  • Multiple validation studies across thousands of scans have shown performance of Caire ICH to have a sensitivity and specificity > 97%
  • Compliant with global data protection and security frameworks, including HIPAA

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Truly Interoperable

All-In-One for Everyone

  • No extra apps or downloads, Caire natively integrates with nearly every EMR, PACS provider
  • Simple integrations with HIPAA compliant messaging apps
  • Caire Health handles 95% of the end-to-end integration requiring little work on a hospital or clinic’s IT team

An Efficiency Boost

Faster than the Fastest

  • Get impressions for emergent findings before the patient even returns from the CT scanner
  • Most patients have no emergent findings. Fast reads clear up large queue of patients requiring a negative read in the waiting room
  • Expedites consults to neurosurgery and/or neurology and gives specialist teams a head start by automating tasks like volume quantifications